An end-to-end hardware/software solution that provides interoperable connectivity for simplified on-boarding and provisioning of devices.

Industry fragmentation, lack of interoperability, steep pricing, and overabundance of connectivity protocols are some of the pressing problems that have delayed the mass adoption of IoT products. Gravity is here to change everything.

With free basic cloud connectivity, Gravity is the solution IoT needs to lower deployment and maintenance costs, and enable new revenue streams in an array of industries.

Gravity is a fully scalable, cost-wise solution that is set to open a world of possibilities for device makers, developers, and entrepreneurs alike.


Gravity Ecosystem

Gravity Module

FCC certified. Provides connectivity and performance at low costs and significantly improves time to market. A futureproof device, the Gravity Module allows various wireless topologies and mobile-enabled onboarding and diagnostics.

Gravity Stack

Supports concurrent, multi-radio modulations for simple, reliable, and secure data transfer. Stack allows simultaneous local, remote, direct, and mesh connectivity. It has built-in support for OCF (Open Connectivity Foundation) standards, allowing interoperability with 3rd party sensors.

Gravity Cloud

Provides fully managed and secure two-way end-to-end connectivity between users of devices and mobile or web applications while remaining scalable to millions of concurrent connections. Allows real-time data processing, OTA firmware updates, and intelligent system management.

Gravity SDK

A comprehensive embedded, mobile, and web library for partner-level developers and manufacturers, to help easily build devices, applications, and experiences for customers.

Gravity Beta

Gravity Beta is aimed at helping developers get familiar with the Gravity Platform. Beta users gain access to the Gravity SDK to develop web and mobile applications for diverse industries.

Request beta access now to experiment and test connectivity for your devices. Let’s make IoT happen, faster.



Secure and simultaneous connectivity across LAN, WAN, and PAN, with ultra-low-power mesh to extend connectivity even in restricted or unavailable areas


Enterprise class security built into every aspect of the platform


Simple and secure onboarding using mobile device without additional hardware

Reactive Engine

Super fast sensor, event, and time triggered Reactive Engine built into the device to enable automation of use cases for lighting and climate control industries


Simple to use and automated tools to provision devices on the factory floor

Location Services

Remote provisioning of beacons as well as indoor location and asset tracking capabilities to enable new revenue streams

OTA Firmware Update

Firmware updates over the cloud, mobile devices, and wireless mesh to future-proof, push security updates, and enable features post sale

Predictive Engine

Machine Learning capabilities based on historical data to enable fully autonomous automation


Gravity for Lighting

Gravity is the ultimate product for intelligent lighting system developers and manufacturers. The platform eliminates the need for separate lighting control systems, integrating control, monitoring and reporting within its modules. Its ultra-low power mesh allows the deployment of lights and sensors in places with limited or restricted connectivity, granting full coverage in virtually every case.

Gravity’s location service enables real-time asset tracking for new streams of revenue, and reactive engine enables automation and scheduling for additional energy savings. Furthermore, its predictive engine facilitates futuristic AI use cases, fueled by streams of previously collected data.


Gravity for Climate Control

Gravity for climate control systems is indispensable to a smart home or building. Through its ultra-low-power mesh and reactive and predictive engines, Gravity improves air distribution systems, enables automatic setback thermostats, zone control, intelligent monitoring, and automatic and selective conditioning to decrease energy wastage in unoccupied areas. It’s the ultimate platform to maximize energy savings while maintaining the highest levels of comfort.