Healthcare is changing.
Are you positioned to take advantage of upcoming policy changes and consumerization?

We track real-time workflow operations around the patient, staff, equipment and room utilization. Instantly locate other staff, and automatically gather the workflow data you need to run your practice consistently and efficiently.

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Running around trying to find the doctor, or other staff?

Our high-precision technology allows providers and staff to locate each other in the moment. No more wasting time looking for the doctor or other staff.

Don’t know what your patient wait times are, in the lobby or the exam room?

We track patient movements from check-in to check-out, so you know exactly how long your patients are waiting and where.

Estimating or guessing on your procedure times?

How often does a doctor visit or procedure take the exact amount of time that was estimated? Instead of estimating, know exactly how long certain visit types and procedures take. Better optimize your schedule according to actual times, rather than estimated times.

Haggling providers to enter patient throughput times, or digging through your EHR for workflow data?

Some EHR systems track your critical workflow components, but these require the physician to manually enter patient times and information into the computer. This takes time and is unreliable because the physician has to remember to do it right away to be accurate. We do all of this automatically, in real-time, streamlining workflows so the provider can focus on what is most important: the patient.


Real-time location system that is more precise, maintains a constant signal, uses less power and is less bulky than other systems on the market.

Gravity Healthcare is a standalone system that works with all of the current software systems in the facility. There is no training, no implementation. We install the system and the practice gets the data it needs.


Gravity Healthcare is composed of busy professionals, husbands, wives and caregivers who are tired of waiting hours at the doctor's office, and we have a voice and choice of where to receive healthcare.

Our team consists of technology leaders with successful exits to large Fortune 100 companies, top PhD's in machine learning and efficiency, and a healthcare executive ranked among the Top Doctors in the U.S.

Gravity is here to create a better healthcare experience.

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